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Discipleship Program

A gathering of 3 to 12 people that meet on a regular basis with the common purpose of discovering Christ.


  • Provides an opportunity for personal exploration of the content, meaning and application of the Christian faith.

  • Provides an opportunity to live in biblical community.

  • Provides an opportunity to discover and use one’s spiritual gifts.

  • Provides an opportunity for the church to grow and yet retain a sense of family closeness.

  • Provides an environment for developing lay leadership.

  • Provides an opportunity to love God, love people, serve others and invite the world to become followers of Jesus.

Small Group

A ministry that deals with people & the members of the church. We are answering Jesus' command to His followers to “make disciples”. Starting with toddlers and continuing through the adult years, our ministry works to develop people to become mature followers of Christ through hooking them up into small groups that teach them sound biblical doctrines.

To join a small group/dgroup please provide the ff:

  • Full name

  • Age

  • Contact Number

  • Work

  • Availability

Officiate Marriage

Marriage is a sacred union of man and woman before God. If you are a member of Revelation Church and wants your wedding to be officiated, here are the requirements needed:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage License

  • Certificate of Cohabitation (For those who are live-in partners)

  • Cenomar

  • Contact Number

MArriage counseling session

Couples must attend marriage counseling sessions before the wedding.

What will be discussed?

  • Roles in marriage

  • Beliefs and values

  • Being Parents

  • Finances

  • Communication

  • Affection and sex

  • Family relationships

  • Decision-making

  • Dealing with anger

Baby Dedication

Children are a gift and reward from the Lord. Give thanks by dedicating your child! Here are the requirements to schedule your child’s dedication.

  • Birth Certificate of the Child

  • List of Witnesses, Godmother & Godfather

  • Contact Number

With the guidance of the Bible, we desire to help anyone who are in need of guidance, advice and encouragement in their lives, lend spiritual support to overcome their problems, resolve conflict in relationships, and lead individuals into finding meaning and joy in life.

  • Name

  • Age

  • Status


A sincere prayer is very powerful—it can make anyone powerful. And here at Revelation, we are more than willing to pray for you or your loved one! You can pay a visit here in our church or let us know your details so we can reach you.

  • Name (to be contacted) & Contact Number

  • Who will be prayed over & Concern

  • Age

  • Address

Pray Over