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King David was very old by then but his household was still in a huge mess. This was the outcome of his committed sin with Bathsheba against God. Problems after problems were faced by King David's family; His son with Bathsheba died; his son Amnon raped his sibling Tamar, Absalom killed Amnon upon knowing it; Absalom ran away and made himself a king after starting a revolt against his father but soon died also, and Adonijah also made himself a king without consulting and considering his father by gathering all the elders of the kingdom.

Now we see that despite the good credentials of King David he wasn’t exempted to God’s punishment. The kingdom was in chaos and so was his household, King David’s sons always tries to get the throne for themselves. But there’s one appointed son of David that the Lord wants to sit on the throne, and it was Solomon. But who is Solomon? He was the son of Bathsheba and King David. When he was set to sit on the throne he was only 20 years old, too young for a king we may think but God chose him to reign.

There are 3 things that Solomon possesses that may be why God chose him over anyone. 3 things that we can consider doing also so that we may live a life pleasing to the Lord.

1. Solomon listened to everything his father said about the Lord – As said in 1 Kings 2:1-4, when the time drew near for David to die, he gave a charge to his son, Solomon. Solomon did not only considered these instructions from his father but he lived with it. As sons and daughters, we may find it difficult to follow our parent’s instructions and advice but the Lord said, if your descendants watch how they live, and if they walk faithfully before me with all their heart and soul, you will never fail to have a successor. Following and obeying our parents isn’t what they just want, we must know that it is a commandment from God; this commandment is what Solomon kept in him that made him deserving of being chosen by God.

2. Solomon has a great love and relationship with the Lord – Solomon loves the Lord and he showed it through his obedience and walk according to the instructions his father left for him. He loves the Lord so much that he had an intimate relationship with Him, one proof is the Lord even appeared to him in his dream and said, “Ask me whatever you want me to give to you.” (1 Kings 3:3-5)

3. Solomon is humble – Unlike any common person who would be arrogant after being given a seat on the throne, Solomon did not boast nor showed any arrogance. He humbled himself to God and asked for guidance and a discerning heart. He prayed that he may govern and rule God’s people, and to distinguish what is right and wrong. He knew that he couldn’t do anything by just himself but all through the Lord. (1 Kings 3:7-9)

Solomon started having a right heart and mindset, but did he ended right? Sadly no, because as he gained riches and fame all through the nations, his wives turned his heart after other gods. His heart had turned away from the God of Israel despite of being commanded not to. Because of this, the Lord told him that He will tear his kingdom out of the hand of Solomon’s son.

It is truly saddening what Solomon turned out to be, but today, we encourage you to continue your walk with God. Let’s all show our faith and love for our Lord through our obedience, humility and progressive relationship with Him.